The mission of this website is to provide high quality imagery that accurately represents Christian principles found in the Bible. We strive to use our talents to create images in a creative, unique, and powerful way that both honors our Creator and gives Him all the glory. We hope that you are blessed by the artwork found here, and that you may be encouraged in your Christian walk. Thank you for visiting!            - Kevin Carden

Photoshop Training Courses by Kevin Carden:

The Ultimate Guide to Composites
The Ultimate Guide to Blending
The Ultimate Guide to Glows


Personal Use License - Allows the use of the image for any non-commercial use, such as websites and blogs, social media, personal prints, brochures, sermon backgrounds, desktop wallpaper, etc. In general, the image can be used in almost any way with this license as long as nothing is being sold. Also, the images can be edited, cropped, and have texted added to them.

Commercial Use License - Allows for the use of the image for any commercial use, such as book covers, music CD covers, selling poster prints, etc. The image can be sold at any price an unlimited number of times. The image can also be sold on multiple products. The only thing you cannot do with this license is sell the image as a digital file. Also, the images can be edited, cropped, and have texted added to them.

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